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SANIMED Adult cat

SANIMED Adult is a complete food for adult cats. 

Adult cats have stopped growing. It is therefore important to keep a close eye on their physical condition. SANIMED Adult is formulated according to the specific nutritional demands of adult cats of all breeds.


  • improves skin condition and boosts the immune system, thanks to an optimal composition of essential fatty acids
  • counteracts the formation of hairballs, thanks to additional raw fibre
  • prevents the formation of struvite
  • supports body condition and health of your cat 

Disorders of the urinary tract

Formation of bladder stones can occur in cats. SANIMED Adult for cats prevents the formation of bladder stones by means of low urinary acidity (pH) and low concentrations of struvite and oxalate creating components.


  • offers good support for the body in the adult stage
  • helps to reduce the risk of common diseases
  • for adult cats from 1 year to 8 years old​

Good health

SANIMED Adult is formulated to meet the lower nutritional demands of adult cats of all breeds. The raw bre content, in part moderately fermentable, promotes the integrity of the colonic mucosa and stimulates intestinal motility and excretion of a well-formed stool. The high EPA content results in the synthesis of eicosanoids, which have an inhibiting e ect on in ammations and consequently suppress atopic reactions. SANIMED Adult contains added vitamin E as a natural antioxidant, which prevents the formation of free radicals and oxidative damage.

Lowering urine pH

SANIMED Adult reduces urine pH to approx. 6.3 and contains relatively low amounts of magnesium, phosphorus and protein in order to lower the concentrations of struvite creating components. Struvite urolithiasis can develop in adult cats, resulting in disorders of the lower urinary tract. Reducing the risk of struvite formation is possible by inducing a low urinary pH and low concentrations of struvite forming components. 

Feeding schedule

The specific formulation of SANIMED Adult reduces the risk of common diseases. Determine by means of the nutrition plan how much food your young cat needs. That way you will maintain your cat’s ideal body condition. An ideal body condition reduces the risk of disease and prolongs the life of your cat.


rice, barley, corn gluten, animal fat (poultry, beef), dehydrated poultry, corn, extract of animal protein, dehydrated fish, dried beet pulp, cellulose, fish oil (salmon oil), hydrolysed chicken liver, yeast, whole egg powder, minerals, linseed oil, dehydrated haemoglobin