SANIMED Hypoallergenic DR

SANIMED Hypoallergenic DR

is available in packs of 400 grams (sausage),
3 kg and 12.5 kg 

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SANIMED Hypoallergenic DR Dog

SANIMED Hypoallergenic DR is a complete dietetic food for dogs, designed to reduce food allergy and/or food intolerance.

Indications for use

  • Food allergy and intolerance
  • Colitis
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract caused by mild (wet) food

If your dog shows hypersensitivity to one or more food ingredients, it can be a case of food allergy or intolerance.

SANIMED Hypoallergenic DR

  • helps reduce allergic food reactions, thanks to its main source of animal protein (duck) and hypoallergenic vegetable protein sources
  • soothes inflammation, redness and itching
  • supports the treatment of stomach and intestinal diseases, thanks to its easily digestible protein and starch

SANIMED Hypoallergenic DR dry and wet foods are fully interchangeable and can also be combined very well; see below nutrition plans for more information

SANIMED Hypoallergenic DR is also available with animal protein from lamb, 
see SANIMED Hypoallergenic LR

Food hypersensitivity

Dogs with food hypersensitivity often suffer from skin disorders (pruritus, erythema, swelling, scratching), as well as from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (vomiting, bloating, diarrhea) .Hypersensitivity to food can be diagnosed only by eliminating a particular product from the diet and further observation of the reaction to this organism. SANIMED Hypoallergenic DR series includes both dry and wet feeds. The sausage SANIMED Hypoallergenic DR contains only 63% moisture. Therefore, in comparison with canned food, the moisture content of which can reach 80%, one portion needs a smaller amount of sausage. Dry and wet feeds of the SANIMED Hypoallergenic DR line are completely interchangeable, but their effectiveness is not reduced

Feeding schedule

The nutrition plan below is an indication of the amount of food to be given. Nutrition plans are based on averages. For this reason always pay close attention to condition your dog and adapt the amount of food accordingly.

Make sure that the dog has access to clean drinking water


rice, dehydrated duck, animal fat (beef, poultry), dried beet pulp, minerals, yeast, hydrolysed chicken liver (1%)