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SANIMED Senior is a complete food for senior dogs of all breeds. 

When your dog gets older, its bodily functions deteriorate. It is very important to maintain the physical condition of your dog especially during this phase and to minimise the worsening of bodily functions of your aging dog.


  • Supports the health of the body in adulthood
  • Reduces the risk of serious diseases
  • The increased content of vitamin E supports the mental capacity of an elderly dog
  • Reducing the burden on the liver and kidneys due to a reduced content of protein and phosphorus
  • The increased content of omega-3 fatty acids supports the health of joints and kidneys​

Long and healthy life

SANIMED Senior line is designed to provide dog’s  healthy and long life. This feed is adapted for senior dogs and takes into account the gradual weakening of the body’s functions. The high content of extended-chain acids in SANIMED Senior compensates for the low content of Omega-3 acids in the body of an elderly dog. The reduction in the vitamin E content in the body is offset by its high content in the stern.

Peristalsis of the intestine

The high content of partially fermentable fiber stimulates the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, which becomes less intense with age, and secures the allocation of a well-formed stool.

Age periods – Senior

Small breed: from 8 years

Middle breed: from 7 years

Large breeds: from 6 years

Feeding schedule

Determine the amount of food per meal with the feeding schedule. This way you will maintain its ideal physical condition which lowers the risk of diseases and contributes to a longer and healthier life.

Make sure that the dog has access to clean drinking water


barley, rice, dehydrated poultry, dried beet pulp, animal fat (poultry), fish oil (salmon oil), yeast, dehydrated lamb, dehydrated fish, whole egg powder, hydrolysed chicken liver, minerals, fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and plant extracts